How to Play Golf?

In this era where everything is done with machines and human labor has been reduced by more than half, it is only understandable that human activity is getting more and more limited every day. With every new model of machine that comes to the market, it is designed to minimize the human effort and give us the complete luxury. This is a time where the only activity we need to do is check if the machines have been working properly or not. With a lot of spare time in hand, what are the right choices to make? An outdoor game or sport is a great choice as it keeps your physical health in check while helping you get the best use of your leisure time. One great light sport or game is golf. Imagine yourself out in a vast meadow of green lawn where you can connect with nature as well as enjoy some light sport. Sounds down to earth, doesn’t it?

So if you are a beginner in golf, here is how you can make the best of it.

First, learn the basics. All you need is a club, a golf ball and a hole in this game. Here, you need to choose the right club according to your comfort. A wood is usually light made of wood or lightweight material and also called as drivers as they are used to hit the ball for long distances. An iron has more weight and is made of heavier metal. These are used for short to medium range shots. A putter is light and usually special because when used with precise control, they can give you the perfect swing. So choose according to your preference with the golf ball shot.

Then comes practice. Practice makes perfect and golf might be hard and boring without a little practice. So first, learn how to maintain a good stance. Stand while facing the golf ball on its side with your feet and shoulder width apart and relaxed. Bend slightly at the knees and give your hip a little push as you lean your spine towards the golf ball. And don’t forget to grip the club with both hands.

After you have a well-balanced stance you practice your swings. Take your club all the way to the up and around you and lead the swing with the head of the golf club first. Then let your hands, arms and shoulders follow simultaneously. To end, twist your hip a little. This gives your swing the extra power. After this, practice your motions with little wrist adjustments while bending your back leg and leaning your front leg with balance.

All you have to do now is learn the rules and terminologies. The rules are simple. Everyone takes turns to hit the golf ball until everyone has sunk the ball in the hole. The one who sinks the ball with the least tries wins. And despite where the ball lands, the player must hit the ball. Once the game is over, you can change to a new hole.

Doesn’t golf sound pretty easy now?

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